Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sunny is OK

One of the most frequent questions I got/get after we lost Brodi, was/is "How's Sunny?"  Sunny (Audie Murphy See You At Sundown) will be eight in September, and Brodi was always there, always in his life since he was a puppy, since we brought him home at nine weeks old.  Sunny has always been number two. Now he's the only one.  That has brought on some unusual behavior.  We all still look for Brodi in his normal places, wait for him to bark when the doorbell rings, listen for his clicky-clack ridgeback nails when it's time eat.  But overall, I think Sunny's OK.  Has he grieved? Yes, I think so.  We all have.  But we've got on with it, established new routines, new walking patterns and times, but there will always be something missing.  No matter what.  Always something missing. But we're OK. We have to be. All of us, including Sunny.


Tom Cochrun said...

That's a great shot of a beautiful looking Sunny!

Larry Sweazy said...

Thanks, Tom. I got a lucky shot with my phone, believe it or not. This is one of my favorite pictures of Sunny.