Friday, November 8, 2013

Last of the Tomatoes

I cut the tomato plants down last week.  My cousin, who collects old wisdom like it is gold, told me to wrap the green tomatoes in newspaper, and store them in the garage.  It seems now I will have fresh tomatoes until well into December, as I have been bringing them in a few at a time. I like the idea of a taste of summer while there is snow in the air.

One of the TV shows that I enjoy watching on PBS is A Chefs Life.  The promo calls it a character-driven documentary,  I think that's apt.  It's more than a cooking show.  It features a North Carolina chef, Vivian Howard and her husband, Ben Knight, who moved home from New York City to North Carolina to open a gourmet restaurant, The Chef and the Farmer.  It's about their trails and tribulations, about the food that comes from their world, and usually includes a "How To" feature.  It's laid back and different from the Food Network shows, or the typical Julia Child-inspired cooking shows.  Last week, the show was built around tomatoes.  Specifically tomato sandwiches.  White bread. Salt and Pepper.  Tomatoes.  Mayonnaise. Enjoy.

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