Friday, October 11, 2013

The Gila Wars -- Roundup review

Here's the latest review for The Gila Wars (Josiah Wolfe #6):

Larry D. Sweazy, TheGila Wars, Berkley, mass-market paperback, ebook, $7.99, $7.59,

Roundup magazine, October, 2013, Volume XXI, Number 1

Review by James J. Griffin

The latest entry in the Josiah Wolfe Texas Ranger series, The Gila Wars, finds Wolfe and his young, angry partner, Scrap Elliot, on the trail of the notorious rustler and killer, Juan Cortina. Unfortunately for Wolfe, he is wounded during a cantina shoot-out and must take some time to recover from his injuries…time he doesn’t have.

I’ve read many books about the Texas Rangers, have written a few of my own, and I daresay Larry D. Sweazy writes the most realistic and exciting accounts of the Rangers, bar none. No other writer I read captures the lives and emotions of the frontier era Rangers as does Sweazy.  The reader feels as if he is right there, fighting the dust, heat, flies and fear, riding into the thick of battle with the Rangers.

And Sweazy knows his horses, and the bond and friendship many men forged with their mounts. A gut-wrenching scene between a Ranger and his shot and dying horse is one of the most effective written passages I have ever read, completely true-to-life and emotionally draining.

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