Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Quick Update

So a few quick writing updates:

1.  Yes, it really does matter if you read the Josiah Wolfe, Texas Ranger series in order.

2.  No, there are no more planned books in the Josiah Wolfe series.

3.  Book 1 of my new series with Berkley, Vengeance at Sundown, has been turned in to my editor.  It will be out late next year.  Agent Awesome loved it.

4.  I'm writing the next book in the series now (and maybe something else--we'll see what the muse says, and if I have enough time for both).

5.  My last appearance of the year will be December 7th at the Indiana Historical Society Author Fair.  More info to come.

6. I'll try not to take so long between updates next time.

Thanks for tuning in,



Tom Cochrun said...

Good to hear from you. Best of luck with the new series and have fun at the Indiana Authors event. I did that a couple of times and met some great readers.

Larry Sweazy said...

Thanks, Tom, I always enjoy the Historical Society event. Loads of fun. I'm cautiously optimistic about the new series. We'll see how it goes...but I'll keep on writing regardless. I hope you're doing the same. Your mysteries were very good.