Monday, November 2, 2015

Writing Update as of 11/02/15

OK, so I haven’t posted a writing status in a good while.  Here's what's coming:

 A Thousand Falling Crows (Seventh Street Books) publishes January 05, 2016.  This is a standalone crime novel featuring ex-Texas Ranger, Sonny Burton.   Here’s some info:
       After a shoot-out with Bonnie and Clyde takes his arm and forces him into retirement. His son has stepped into Sonny’s role as the local Texas Ranger and just wants his father to keep out of the way. While Sonny struggles with recuperating, Aldo Hernandez, a friend from his days at the hospital, asks him to help find his daughter, who has gotten mixed up with two brothers involved in a string of robberies. Sonny agrees to help, but he is also concerned about a wholly different criminal in town, one who has taken to killing young women and leaving them in local fields for crows to feast on.

“A powerful, gripping novel of the American West. Gritty and deeply atmospheric, Sweazy has created one of the most fascinating leading characters in crime fiction. With the one-armed Sonny Burton at its helm, A Thousand Falling Crows crackles with menace and drama.”

—MARK PRYOR, author of Hollow Man

“A richly atmospheric and powerfully intense historical thriller that brings to life the ethnic complexity and free-range lawlessness of Depression-era Texas. Sweazy is always good, but this is his best book yet.”

                                                            —DAVID BELL, author of Somebody I Used to Know

“With a panoramic sweep of vision and language that borders on poetry, Sweazy brings to life a historic period in the Texas Panhandle, during the Depression and the days of the last outlaws—when America was trembling on the edge of the modern world.”

—TERRY SHAMES, Macavity Award–winning author of the Samuel Craddock mysteries

“A setting so authentic that I could almost feel the hot, dry sun beating down on me and the dust in my eyes. This skillfully crafted mystery kept me on the edge of my chair for hours. The characters stayed with me, refusing to let go, until I was able to finish the story and learn their fate.”

—DAVID THURLO, coauthor of the critically acclaimed Ella Clah and Charlie Henry mysteries


·       See Also Deception  (Seventh Street Books), the second book in the Marjorie Trumaine Mystery series is set to publish May 10, 2016.  Here’s some info on it:

October 1964-- just months after freelance indexer Marjorie Trumaine helped solve a series of murders in Dickinson, North Dakota, she is faced with another death that pulls her into an unwanted investigation. Calla Eltmore, the local librarian, is found dead at work and everyone considers it suicide. But Marjorie can’t believe that Calla would be capable of doing such a thing.  Despite pressing job commitments and the burden of caring for a husband in declining health, Marjorie recruits Deputy Guy Reinhardt to help her uncover the truth. What she finds is a labyrinth of secrets that she had no knowledge of— and threats from someone who will kill to keep these secrets hidden…


·       I’m currently writing a standalone police procedural thriller, also for Seventh Street Books, to be published in early 2017.  The third novel in the Marjorie Trumaine Mystery series is also scheduled to publish in mid-2017.
        I recently obtained the rights back to the Josiah Wolfe, Texas Ranger series.  Speaking Volumes will be publishing both print and ebook versions of the series, starting with the first book, The Rattlesnake Season, in 2016, with the remaining books to follow quickly afterward. 
        Graphic Audio will be publishing the audio version of the first three Marjorie Trumaine Mystery books starting in 2016.  This is a full cast recording with cinematic music and sound effects, so it will be a little different from the conventional audio book.  Once I have a release dates, I'll post them here.
       See Also Murder, the first book in the Marjorie Trumaine Mystery series will be published in Turkey.  I’ll post more information here when I have it. 

Stop by Next Monday. The topic will be the beginning of imagination.  Thanks for reading.  ~~ Larry

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