Tuesday, December 30, 2014

No Posts

The blog has gone fallow...  Maybe I can come up with something in the new year. Until then, thanks for following along. May your new year be a great one.  ~~Larry


Tom Cochrun said...

You can't post unless you've got the inspiration, as it should be. The blogging I have done has given me a greater appreciation for my old friend Tom Keating, who wrote a daily column. He said there were days when he had to sweat and bleed something to write. On balance he did a swell job. And on further balance blogging is just lark, column writing was work. Happy New Year.

Larry Sweazy said...

You're right, of course, Tom. By the time I have written my daily pages for my novel-in-progress, indexed the pages I needed to indexed on a given day, and gone about the business of managing my publishing life, I have little left in me. There are always topics I'd like to explore, but a certain sense of privacy prevents me from posting on hot button topics. So, maybe one day I'll find a balance. Thanks again for following along. The blog's not dead, I'm just finding my way in a new book and a new year. Enjoy the ocean.