Friday, October 25, 2013

Moments This Week: 10/24/13

A new way for the blog (maybe).  I'm trying to find my way back:

1. The week started with a left-over flurry of index submissions brought on from working long hours over the weekend. I didn’t mind. Being a freelancer allows me to be me, allows for an interesting life that might not otherwise happen. The quiet times are scary, but that topic is for another day.

 2. The universe is swirling around me with new projects and old. Can’t talk about any of them yet. Things just take time, and might never happen. Nothing major. Just a continuation. Just more work to keep me on the playing field. Can you ask for anything more? And still be grateful for less when the potential falls through the cracks? Yes.

 3. I had to cancel a trip. I didn’t want to. I’ve had to say no a lot recently to things I never thought I would.

4. We had our first hard frost. The backyard is littered with hickory nuts and dead bees. The red maples on our street are brilliantly scarlet. They were just a little more than saplings when we moved here. Now they are majestic. Tomorrow the leaves will spiral down to the street, and next week they will be gone with the wind (yes, I did that on purpose). Change is hard to ignore.

5. I worked on the new book. Not as much as I wanted to. But it’s dark, a little slow going. Beginnings always take time for me.

6. Cajun for lunch, Irish for dinner, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in between. I had a co-pilot yesterday. I enjoyed her company very much. Our day was cast gray with another sad episode from Brodi, pushing me the conclusion that I didn’t want to reach: There is no cure, just comfort for an old dog as winter comes on.

7. An email came in late yesterday from a fan. I get these on occasion: “I hope you do not intend to abandon the Josiah Wolfe character and further adventures by him.” I sunk a little in the chair knowing I had to disappoint someone and tell them that yes, the series was done. At least for now. There may be more adventures, but I don’t know when. Seasons change for writers, for fictional characters, too…  What happens next is anybody's guess.  It's not in my control.

~~Have a good week, Larry


Richard Prosch said...

Nicely done, the right mixture of admiration and melancholy for the season. Autumn has the best weather, but I don't like what it's become. Years back, we planted a red maple outside my office window. I've enjoyed watching it catch fire. Stay with the lists for a while. They're fun to read.

Larry Sweazy said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Rich. I'm thinking of posting these once a week, along with the "I Like" stuff. Those red maples sure are something this time of year...