Thursday, May 9, 2013


From the Indianapolis weekly alternative newspaper, Nuvo

The Gila Wars: A Josiah Wolfe Texas Ranger Novel by Larry D. Sweazy, Berkley Books, $7.99

The Gila Wars— the sixth and final book in award-winning Noblesville author Larry D. Sweazy’s Josiah Wolfe series—takes us in the heart of Texas cattle country circa 1875.  Rustlers are stealing herds for shipment by steamboat to Cuba “to feed starving families,” as explained by one of the rustlers taken prisoner.  Sweazy fills his action-packed book with moral issues, considering the great divide between the few very rich and the rest of the population, as well as the great lot of people killed in the process of establishing law and order. Like Josiah, and the rest of the Texas Rangers, the reader is thrust into the an unfriendly landscape where trusting anyone or anything can get you killed. As always, Sweazy sketches out fully-dimensional characters and vivid descriptions—“The coolness of the night was evaporating, overtaken by the coming heat of the day.  A slight breeze pushed under the door, searching for an escape route…”  It’s hard to say goodbye to Ranger Wolfe at book’s end, but there’s always hope his story will resurface at a later date, again bringing us vividly into the heart—and guts—of Texas.  Previous titles in the series, reviewed in Nuvo, include The Rattlesnake Season, The Scorpion Trail, The Badger’s Revenge, The Cougar’s Prey, and The Coyote Tracker.  

Sweazy will receive the 2013 Spur Award for Best Original Mass Market Paperback for The Coyote Tracker, the fifth book in the Josiah Wolfe series at the annual Western Writers of America banquet in Las Vegas, Nevada in June.  A new western series by Sweazy published by Berkley Books will debut in 2014.

Sweazy will appear May 11, 2-4 p.m., at Books-A-Million, 5760 W. *6th St.

                                                            —Rita Kohn

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