Friday, April 12, 2013

The Pleasure of Ridgebacks

The pleasure of living with ridgebacks are many.  They are quiet, loyal, and protective--I could go on and on, but put simply: I can't imagine living without them. 

But these dogs aren't for beginners.  I always encourage people to do their research so they know what they're getting themselves into if they are considering bringing a ridgeback puppy into their house. 

Brodi and Sunny are as different as night and day.  After having Brodi for 5 years, I thought I was ready for another ridgeback.  Sunny taught me lessons that I didn't know I had to learn.  And I imagine the next, which will most likely be a female, will do the same.  These dogs have a mind of their own, are fierce food hunters, and if not exercised and trained properly, can quickly turn into the Dog from Hell. 

They are a breed that I'm comfortable with, and one I plan on learning about for the rest of my life living with.  This is one of the topics I'm passionate about, and plan on spending time on writing about in the future.

For more information:

AKC breed page

Rhodesian ridgeback rescue


Tom Cochrun said...

great picture! we had a very large lab, that was occasionally confused for a ridgeback, but in seeing this, I wonder why the confusion.

Larry D. Sweazy said...

A friend of ours had a lab mix that was often confused for a ridgeback, too. I think they're like dragons--people hope that's what they're seeing. I haven't encountered too many ridgebacks--and sadly, no dragons. Yet.