Saturday, April 6, 2013

Random Moments 4/6/13

** Tributes to Roger Ebert, who passed this week, abound.   I have very little to offer, or original to add, other than I respect how he lived his life, especially the later years.  He never accepted a death sentence, and will continue to inspire and contribute to the love of movies for eons to come.  I like that.

**The vagabond opossum has moved on.  There has been no sign of her for days.  Rose did shoo off a skunk the other morning before she let the dogs out.  Glad she was awake enough to realize what she was seeing--and smelling.

**Spring seems to be here for real.  I'm always sorry to see winter go.  I like the silence, the solitude, and the lack of outside projects.  As I get older, and my body starts to rebel from the thousands of hours spent at my desk, the demands of spring become more difficult.

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