Monday, February 4, 2013

Random Monday Moments

* Sitting in the Judge Stone House (in Noblesville, IN) listening to the Poison River Boys playing “Eight More Miles to Louisville” Friday night, drinking decent coffee, sitting next to Rose, cold as hell outside.  Everything was right with the world.  Two days later, I can’t get that damn song out my head.

* On my way home from the dentist, wondering if Buddhists think teeth are permanent.

* Rose met Chewbacca. 

* Listening to Richard Schiff on the Diane Rehm Show on the radio talk about his career as an actor, that he never set out to be an actor, and how things turned out.  I am still lamenting the absence of West Wing.  Toby was always my favorite character.

* The bathrooms are tore up.  New floors going in.  The toilet sat in the bathtub all weekend.  Luckily, there was no alcohol involved.

* The groundhog says it will be an early spring.  I hope he’s wrong.  Still too much to do before it gets noisy and busy outside.

Off to work…


Tom Cochrun said...

Oh, how I miss West Wing, as well.
Stay warm!

Larry D. Sweazy said...

Sorkin's Newsroom is not the same...