Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Review -- THE COYOTE TRACKER -- Nuvo

Sweazy knocks out latest
Fifth in Josiah Wolfe series
is mystery-western hybrid


It's May 1875, and Josiah Wolfe's life is in flux. He's on furlough from riding with
the Texas Rangers, awaiting reassignment, and hopeful in his courtship of a certain Pearl Fikes.  Austin, Texas, still doesn't feel much like home to Wolfe, and his relationship with his 4-year-old son has remained challenging since the death of his wife, soon after the child’s birth. 

But an accusation of murder against a fellow
Texas Ranger propels Wolfe into action
- and a two-day quest to find the real killer
and save his friend from hanging.  A hybrid of
mystery and western, The Coyote Tracker, the
fifth novel in Noblesville-based author Larry
Sweazy's Josiah Wolfe series, takes us into the
underbelly of Texas's burgeoning capital city.
Sweazy interjects secret military codes into
the story, giving the reader a crack at solving
a puzzle that's eluding the elected sheriff.

The book is another page-turner in the
series, featuring a cast of unsavory characters
and unexpected allies that have appeared
in previous covers. Still, one wouldn't turn
the pages too quickly or risk missing lovely
descriptions, such as that of a springtime sky
in the hill country: "Gray clouds struggled to
hold their shape as the west wind pushed at
them, broke them apart, ate at them like termites
on a fresh piece of wood."

Sweazy won the Will Rogers Medallion
award for Western Fiction in 2012 for The
Cougar's Prey and for The Scorpion Trail in
2011. The Rattlesnake Season was a 2010 Best
Book of Indiana finalist and in 2011, The
Scorpion Trail became the first Western to
Win the Best Book of Indiana competition. In
2005, he won the Western Writers of America
(WWA )Spur Award for Best Short Story .

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