Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Short Story Review -- "The Kill Stand"

From the blog, Poet Hound:
 Indiana Crime 2012
"The Kill Stand" by Larry D. Sweazy is a short story of a man who served in Vietnam and is now working a blue collar job killing turkeys for a living and must confront the fact that he must work a third shift regardless of the fact that his granddaughter will be performing in the local church and wants him to be there to see her. It is a heart-breaking story that people can relate to more nowadays than ever before in an economy where jobs are scarce and you must sacrifice time with family to keep whatever job you can. The ending fills the reader with uncertainty and hope that I cannot spoil here. All I can say is if you have ever worked long hours and had to face tragedies in family life that effect your ability to keep a job while slogging away then this story will shoot you like an arrow through the heart.

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Matthew P. Mayo said...

Good on ya, sir. It sounds like a timely and poignant story. Another one I look forward to reading.