Saturday, January 28, 2012


Here's a new review for The Cougar's Prey from the blog, Thoughts in Progress:

It’s early 1875 and Texas Ranger Josiah Wolfe has gone undercover to investigate cattle thefts and raids that have ranchers upset in Corpus Christie.

Even though he was cleared of any wrong doing concerning the death of a fellow Ranger, the town isn’t willing to be as forgiving of Wolfe. So Captain Leander McNelly sends Wolfe to Corpus Christie posing as hide trader Zeb Teter.

The more Wolfe investigates, the more he finds all may not be as it seems. The reasons for his assignment may run deeper than he suspects.

Author Larry D. Sweazy does a wonderful job placing the reader in the territory as he vividly describes the area. He masterfully blends historical events and people with his own characters for a plausible chain of events.

THE COUGAR’S PREY is an intriguing tale of western lore, murder, mystery and deception. It’s a fast-pace read that will lasso readers in and hold them till the end.

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