Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Tuesday Update

I typically use this space to update any current works coming out, a place to promote any new releases, etc.  Summer seems quiet for releases this year, and that's OK with me. 

I'm rushing toward the finish of Josiah Wolfe #5, The Coyote Tracker, which is due August 1, and keeping up with the freelance side of my life, which has (thankfully) been pretty steady.  It will be time to start promoting my October release, The Cougar's Prey (Josiah Wolfe #4), and my standalone mystery, The Devil's Bones, in February, soon enough. 

I will regret missing the WWA convention this year.  We're not traveling this summer for a lot of reasons, but mostly, it's just best we stick close to home.  Several of my closest friends are ones I met at WWA, and honestly, I really doubt I would be writing westerns at the level I am without the notice of the organization, in what seems like a much simpler time, but was just a few years ago.  Still, real life intercedes.  Maybe we'll get back next year.  If not, hopefully, I'll see my friends somewhere along the trail.


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Richard Prosch said...

A bunch of good stuff to look forward to anyway! Travel is good, but keeping the home fires burning is better. You'll never be sorry for shoring up the foundations.