Monday, June 27, 2011

The Monday Interview (and a book giveaway contest) -- David Cranmer

Davids Cranmer's short story, "The Outlaw-Marshal," appears under the pen name of Edward A. Grainger in the Flash Fiction Offensive. Forthcoming short stories include "Bon Temps" in a future issue of Needle: A Magazine of Noir and “Cash Laramie and the Painted Ladies” in Crimefactory. He is the editor and publisher of the webzine, BEAT to a PULP, and his short story collection, Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles was just released this month.

David is giving away fives copies of his new eBook (mobi file),  Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles to readers of this blog.  All have you to do to enter is comment on this post and leave an email address so you can be contacted, and sent the book.  

Names will be picked randomly from the hat, and winners will be announced and sent their books on Monday, July 4th.  Enter as many times as you like.


1. Tell us about your latest project:

ADVENTURES OF CASH LARAMIE AND GIDEON MILES spotlights the thrilling tales of two deputy U.S. Marshals working in 1880s Wyoming Territory . Cash Laramie is known as the outlaw marshal for his unorthodox way of dealing with criminals and his cavalier approach to life. Gideon Miles is one of the first African American marshals in the service and has skills with guns, knives, and tracking that are unrivaled. I've been writing these short stories for about three years and ADVENTURES brings together seven tales, two of which are brand-spanking new.

2. How is this anthology different than your previous projects?

My previous efforts have been collaborative projects that included the work of many authors, but ADVENTURES, with the exception of one story, is a collection of my writing.

3. Do you feel like you ever have to defend yourself for writing genre fiction?

Actually, no. My biggest hurdle is trying to convince folks that the short story is not dead and is as enthralling (or more) as a full length novel. It seems like I get the question “So, are you working on a novel?” at least once a week.

4. Why do you write westerns?

My earliest memories of television were watching episodes of Gunsmoke with my dad. It got in my blood and now I can’t shake it. Don’t want too. The mythology of the Old West is exciting because the possibilities of writing about anything. ADVENTURES touches on social justice, child abuse, racism, and other issues still relevant to us in 2011.

5. When did you know you were a writer?

My grandfather, Edward A. Grainger, was an author who published two books on Christianity, and when my mom told me he was a writer, I was intrigued. I never met the man but his influence comes through to me today. Gary Dobbs picked the pen name Jack Martin after his grandfather, which I thought was a perfect tribute, and I followed suit.

6. What’s a work day like for you?

I’m a working stiff and writing has to fit in between those hours. Being a new father, I have (I want) to factor in family time. That's most important to me--my wife and daughter. But I still find plenty of time to write, because, these days, I avoid watching a lot of television and films or other things that can become a drain on my time.

7. What’s a day off like for you?

My four-month old daughter decides how my day will go. But once she's napping, I'm at the computer either writing, networking with other writers, or, with my wife's help, getting stories ready for the webzine or whatever project is currently on tap. We usually take a break in the evening to watch the Food Network which is a favorite around our house.

8. If you could be anything other than writer, what would it be?

Director. I have a good eye for what works and what doesn’t. I have no such ambition, but I think I could give Quentin Tarrentino a run for his money!

9. How do you define success?

When I am happy with the end result of my work and one other person honestly enjoys it.

10. What’s next for you?

BEAT to a PULP: ROUND TWO with Matthew P. Mayo. This collection will contain the talents of Vin Packer, Bill Pronzini, Vicki Hendricks, and Dave Zeltserman, to name a few. We plan to have R2 out by November.


Randy Johnson said...

Nice interview. I've already bought a copy, so let others have a chance.

Larry D. Sweazy said...

Thanks, Randy, will do...

Gerald So said...

Continued eBook success, David.

All best,

g_so AT yahoo COM

Scott Cupp said...

This sounds like a great deal of fun. lease enter me.

scott.cupp ATT

Anonymous said...

I also already bought a copy and enjoyed reading the collection. Good luck with it, David.

Charles Gramlich said...

Enjoyed that. I somehow missed the piece about David's grandfather before so that was interesting stuff. I already have a copy too so don't include my name in the drawing.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

A couple more of these interviews, and I think I'll know everything there is to know about David. ;)

May I suggest a different picture for each interview?

Jo Ann Hakola, The Book Faerie said...

I enjoy reading westerns and know who to share it when I'm done. I'd love to win.

info at

JJ Stickney said...

Nice interview - I am looking forward to reading more of David's work.

Ray Garraty said...

nice giveaway.

garraty87 at

David Cranmer said...

I really appreciate all the kind comments. Thank you.

Alyssa, I'm considering some beefcake shots next to keep the momentum going.

Chris Rhatigan said...

Couldn't agree with you more on the convincing people the short story isn't dead. Your collection (and BTAP) I think are plenty of evidence that the short form is alive and well.

twalker said...

I have recently been reading some westerns and would really like to win a copy of this.

Thomas Walker

Anonymous said...

My Goal: Going to get me a copy this weekend

Ejh said...

I have met David Cranmer in person and he was a kind and generous man, he even bought me lunch. I am an avid follower of cash Laramie and Gideon miles and cant wait to read ADVENTURES.

Larry D. Sweazy said...

And the winners are:

Scott Cupp

Jo Ann Hakola

JJ Stickney

Ray Garraty

Thomas Walker